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Networking continues to be of increasing importance to organizations seeking to operate with greater efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability. COHED highly values opportunities to collaborate and network with local NGOs, INGOs and the larger international community both within and outside Vietnam.

Over the last decade, COHED has successfully entered and maintained several long-term partnerships with many Government Institutions throughout the country. The nature of the relationship between COHED and its targeted beneficiaries is two-way, allowing for mutual understanding, effective capacity building and empowerment.

Highlights of COHEDs Networking Activities

  • Member of The HIV/AIDS Technical Working Group

The HIV-AIDS Technical Working Group brings together participants from international and local non-governmental organizations, the Communist Party, the Government of Vietnam, mass organizations, bilateral and multilateral donors, foundations, the United Nations, People Living with HIV (PLHIV) and people from most-at-risk population groups in order to strengthen coordination and improve the response to HIV in Vietnam. COHED’s Director was selected by the networking members to be Co-Chair of HIV/AIDS TWG in 2012. Further information on the HIV/AIDS Technical Working Group can be found at:

·         Member of VNGO-Climate Change Network

The Vietnamese NGOs and Climate Change (VNGO&CC) network was established in 2008 to facilitate information sharing and improve coordination among VNGOs.  COHED is one of the five VNGO&CC steering committee members who operate the network. The VNGO&CC network encourages legitimate policy advocacy,  provides feedback on the promulgation and implementation of climate change policies and supports members in capacity building on climate change. This is achieved through communication and training activities at both the institutional and grassroots level. Further information on the VNGOs &CC network can be found at:


·         Member of Vietnam Urban Forum

This forum was established and has operated by the Urban Development Agency (Ministry of Construction). Further information can be found at:


  • Member of Community Development Network

COHED joined the network of community development given its place as one of the leading VNGOs working towards sustainable community development and the improvement of the lives of disadvantage people in Vietnam.

  • Sponsors of Self-help and Community-based Groups/organizations (CBOs) Networks

Over the period of 2003-2013, COHED has provided technical and financial support to the establishment and operation of seven self-help networks (one interprovincial network & six provincial/district networks). These networks focus on people living with HIV and those from the most-at-risk population groups, including:

·         Annix Star Network in Lang Son province established in 2007

·         Thai Binh Hope Network established in 2009

·         Cam Pha Township HIV Positive Women Network in Quang Ninh province established in 2010

·         Inter-provincial Hope Network established in 2010 and consisting of 55 self-help groups/clubs from 14 provinces/cities

·         Self-help Network of Cần Thơ province established in 2010

·         Self-help network of Tan Thanh district (Vung tau province) established in 2011

COHED has a strong commitment to supporting and building capacity in networking and organizational development for such CBOs throughout the country.


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