Empowering the care and support for the orphans and vulnerable children in Lang Son province

The project "Empowering the care and support for the orphans and vulnerable children in Lang Son province" was funded by the Bread for the World to response to the unmet needs of children vulnerable and orphaned by HIV/AIDS (OVC). The project built upon on COHED’s long-term collaboration with local counterpart with a focus on building capacity of OVC families and sensitized local counterparts in care and support for OVC through engaging them in child-focused activities. The project was implemented from January 2009 to December 2011.

Project Goals and Objectives

  • To build capacity and support OVC families to ensure quality of care for children in families
  • To strengthen the social support to OVC, their families and implement supporting services to reduce burdens of the families in care and support for OVC.

Highlights of Activities and Achievements

  • Improved knowledge and skills of local staff and the community outreach group in care and support for OVC, facilitation skills, and participatory planning.
  • 22 training courses for 328 individuals (including social workers and care givers) trained on child care and child rights
  • Various IEC materials (including 1037 education handbooks and 450 leaflets) on child care disseminated to caregivers.
  • 27 households received loans for economic activities and trained on revolving credit scheme, effective use of loan, and livestock raising.

“… before, I borrowed the loan from the project, when I was sick, I had to ask my parents for support, I had no other income. But since I started my livestock raising activities, I have some money for my family and I can buy food and clothes for my children, moreover I have now some saving for my expenditures when needed and I do not have to ask my parents for support”

 (Parent of OVC)

  • 316 OVC benefited from education, food and nutrition, health care and in-kind supports, which contributed to reducing care burden of families affected by HIV and ensuring equal opportunities to education and learning conditions to the children.Girls’ share of the total direct beneficiaries of the project is fairly equal to boy’s

 “… Since we were provided with a desk and a lamp, my children have a studying area. They can now sit more comfortable and their hand-writing is of course much better.”

(Parent of OVC)

  • Child-focused community events organized with greater participants of children, like “Summer for Kids”, “Autumn Festival” and “Pink Dream” with the participation of around 100 children each.
  • Establishment and building capacity of Mang non Club of 10 children on art-performance and enable them participate in National Action Month on Prevention of HIV/AIDS.

Upcoming Events

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