Capacity building on HIV/AIDS prevention mainstreamed into community development project in Thai Binh province

This was an integrated project of the community-based poverty reduction and HIV/AIDS health education and prevention, which was supported by the  Bread for World. The project duration was from 2006 to 2009, including two phases targeting 15,100 local residents in two communes, Xuan Hoa and Dong thanh located in Vu thu district (Thai binh province). The project aimed to support for poor rural households in Dong Thanh and Xuan Hoa communes in improving quality of life through community development and to build capacity in HIV/AIDS and drug abuse prevention for youths and communal general population as well as to undertake capacity strengthening on HIV/AIDS prevention communication through creative art-based performance by local NGO and the self-help groups in Thai Binh province.

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thiet ke nha dep

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cong ty thiet ke nha dep

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Mau thiet ke nha dep

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