Integrated HIV/AIDS prevention program for rural sustainable poverty reduction in Mai Hich commune (Mai chau District, Hoa binh province)

This project is supported by Bread for the World and Misereor with the duration of 3 years (2011-2013) to target at 901 households with 3,889 local residents, of which 82% is Thai ethnic population, 18% of Muong and Kinh groups.
The project is implemented with an integrated approach for community health care, HIV/AIDS prevention and sustainable poverty reduction. The project has  a wide range of different activities  including improved agricultural farming in response to climate change, community-based tourism development to diversify local ethnic people’s livelihoods on the basis of usage and protection of their own resources, community-based climate change adaptation in daily livelihood, care and support to people living with HIV. During the first two years of the project implementation, local people has greatly benefited from the establishment and operation of community-based tourism service, bio-fertilizer productions with local materials,  training on rice farming, clean vegetable planting, live stocks raising, improved cooking stoves for energy saving, surrounding environment protection activities, improved health service by local communal health station.
Home-stay service of high quality at Mai Hich is well acknowledged by tourists, local authorities, travel agencies and mass media as one of the best models of its type in Vietnam. Documentaries on this model were produced and broadcasted by the two national television channels (VTV1 and VTV2) in 2013 and many articles were published on local newspapers.

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