Current volunteer: Susan Mccuaig

SUSAN MCCUAIG is an Australian volunteer in the role of Creative Designer (Handicraft) Trainer and will spend 15 months in Vietnam with COHED.

 Susan will work with COHED staff and Thai ethnic minority women groups, both in Hanoi and at project sites, to improve their knowledge and skills in handicraft development.  It is vital to ensure that the traditional culture and skills are maintained and used within this framework to generate stable incomes for their households.

 Susan is a practicing Textile and Mixed Media Artist with a wide range of recognised creative skills. The success of her work is based upon the combining of these practices to create an end product that is both unique and individual. She brings with her a diverse range of qualifications, work skills and artistic experience.

 “Working at COHED is one of the highlights of my creative career. Management and staff are a delight to work with and the opportunity for cross-cultural sharing and learning is a true win/win. I consider myself very fortunate to be a part of such a  professional and dedicated team.

 I am excited by the projects I am working on and look forward to seeing the results as they evolve over the coming months.”

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thiet ke nha

Thiet ke nha dep

Mau thiet ke nha dep

thiet ke nha dep

Cong ty xay nha uy tin

cong ty thiet ke nha dep

Mau thiet ke nha dep tai sai gon

thiet ke biet thu dep

mau thiet ke nha pho mat tien 7m

Mau thiet ke nha dep

Cong ty thiet ke nha dep sai gon

nha pho

thi cong nha xuong

biet thu dep

thiet ke noi that

Nem cao su gia re tai tphcm

Tu sat quan ao gia re

Nem cao su gia re

Ruot goi gia re tai tp hcm

thi cong nha xuong gia re

thiet ke noi that chung cu