Current volunteer: Madison Delaforce

Madison Delaforce is an Australian Volunteer undertaking a 10-month assignment at COHED.
Madison has a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing and Accounting) and has five years experience working in marketing and communications in Australia. As Marketing Officer, Madison is responsible for helping COHED develop and execute an effective and integrated marketing plan, on both an organizational and program-specific level.  

My first months working at COHED have been a hugely positive experience. Working with such a knowledgeable and driven team of staff, I have been able to quickly settle into the organization and my role here.

In the first half of my assignment, I am focused on building COHED’s marketing capacity at an organizational level. So far, management and staff from COHED have shown a great deal of enthusiasm and have been highly involved in this process, something that has made my work effective and personally satisfying.

In the second half of my assignment, I look forward to working with COHED staff to improve our marketing capacity and activities within specific programs, focusing in particular on community-based tourism, a program that forms a core part of our sustainable poverty reduction activity.”
- Madison Delaforce (20/12/2013)

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